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    Nipsey Hussle’s Death Provokes Sister Vs Babymama Custody Battle Over Niece

    Nipsey Hussle may be gone, but that is not stopping the chaos from taking place. Apparently one of his baby mamas and sisters aren’t seeing eye to eye.

    Nipsey surely gave the world something special while he walked this earth. However, a battle is ensuing right under our nose. The late rapper sister has been fighting in a legal sense to get legal custody of her niece Emani. Yesterday a judged ruled that the sister would remain in custody of her niece. According to TMZ, the mother’s lawyer Larry Lewellyn, the attorney has been trying to work out a visitation schedule. It has been ruled that Tanisha is unfit to raise the 10-year-old daughter. Tne Nipsey Hussle custody battle is only beginning it seems.

    Nipsey Hussle Custody Battle

    At the moment Foster is facing other serious legal issues. One which includes an arrest warrant after skipping a court date in regards to a DUI.  Furthermore, the mother has pled no contest several years back. Ultimately leading to the sentencing of 3-year probation. Above all, with her the courts revoking her probation, it a possibility that she could face a harsh penalty in the near future. We surely don’t know what will take but we can only hope for the best outcome in the situation of Tanisha Foster.

    Recently it was announced that proceeds from the song “Higher” will go towards Nipsey Hussle’s children. The song is featured on Dj Khaled’s 11th studio album entitled “Father Of Asahd”.

    How will the Nipsey Hussle custody battle pan out? Will his sister continue to have custody long term? Will Foster go to jail long term? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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