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    Nigeria’s Afrobeats Prince Oxlade Drops His Newest Dance Record “Ku Lo Sa”

    While some artists fall off, others like Nigeria’s afrobeats prince Oxlade continues to put  out great music. Born Ikuforiji Abdulrahman Olaitan and raised in Lagos, Oxlade began his musical journey in the church choir. By 2017, he released his first handful of songs on SoundCloud. Oxlade soon had Nigerian fans locked into his sound after dropping his debut single “Shugar.”

     Additionally, his 2020 single “Away” helped him rise to international fame after the track was named one of the “Top 50 Songs of the Year in 2020” by Rolling Stone. Not to mention, Drake shared the song as well. That same year, he walked the runway at the “Art x Lagos” premier fashion show in West Africa. A model and singer, he’s now regarded as one of the biggest faces of afropop’s new generation. 

    Today, the afrobeats artist has hit us with another great track. His massive global hit “Ku Lo Sa” has reached 33 million views and became the most viewed video on the COLORS X STUDIO channel in the last 3 years. Furthermore, his video has gone down in the books as the top ten most viewed videos of all time.

    Additionally, “Ku Lo Sa” became a viral hit on TikTok with 2.5M + creations as of today. It’s even hit the top spots on music charts everywhere, including in the UK. As of now, “Ku Lo Sa” is now certified Gold. Clearly, Oxlade has some serious singing chops. That’s pretty impressive for a newcomer.

    The Afrobeats Singer’s New Song Makes A Great Dance Record

    Oxlade proves that he’s a heavy-hitter in the growing afrobeats scene. There’s no doubt that music from the motherland will become the next biggest music genre in the next few years. Already African artists Tems, Wizkid, and Burna Boy have cultivated a huge presence in the music scene. There’s no doubt in our minds that Oxlade will do the same. 

    Furthermore, his “Ku Lo Sa” record has caught everyone’s attention. The music video for the of the song finds the artist sitting an empty dance club, playing a recording of him dancing with a lover. Eventually, the two meet up in his band wagon and go out dancing later again. Moroever, the two move in sync to the beat of the song, matching each other’s vibes. The song definitely makes for a good dance record that we can two-step to. Clearly, Oxlade knows how to make a great record. 

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    Obviously, Afrbobeats new crowned Prince Oxlade knows how to stay on top. He’s built a sizable following, provides colorful and edgy imagery, has an addictive sound, and exudes a nonchalant attitude. Not to mention, he’s taking the world by storm. During recent interviews, Oxlade shared that his music comes from the heart. He puts “his everyday life-experiences in the form of a song.” Be sure to catch more music from the Nigerian star Oxlade. 



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