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    Nigerian Artist Keybone Drops His Newest Record “None Like Me”

    Nigerian artist Keybone has entered the building. The HipHop rapper has always had a passion for rap music. Even as a child, he’d often make playlists, using cassette tapes, of his favorite artists. Born in a family of six, Keybone had to find a way to stand out from his siblings somehow. Now the Nigerian artist is known for records like Let Me Go, Look At Me Now and When I Am High, which are all singles off his debut album Going Pro., Vol. 1. He’s made himself one prolific artist.  

    Additionally, he and his friend even started a rap group called Urban Journalists. Keybone has even worked with several music producers such as Frenzy and Skob. Lastly, he’s collabed with several other artists in the afrobeats scene. The guy just gets better and better. Having released a handful of great music, Keybone definitely has what it takes to go to the top. 

    Recently, the newcomer dropped his newest single “None Like Me.” Furthermore, the song finds the independent artist boasting about his unique talents and encouraging us to be ourselves. 

    Keybone Drops New Track “None Like Me”

    When it comes to diversity, Nigerian star Keybone knows how to stand out from the crowd. As mentioned before, the rapper dropped his latest record “None Like Me.” On the song, the Nigerian artist discusses how individuality has become a rare commodity amongst artists these days. Speaking on his own talents, Keybone knows he’s one of a kind. Furthermore, the artist encourages us to stay true to ourselves and believes things will work out for the better. An uplifting anthem, the song comes as another next great hit by Keybone. 

    The Rapper Keeps On Pushing For Better


    Almost every artist strives to improve on their craft. Everyone wants to reach that next level in their careers. The more we improve, the more opportunities that come our way. Nigerian artist Keybone showed us on “None Like Me” that he never settles for less than what he wants. Most people like to say ‘it’s better than nothing,’ though Keybone knows his worth. Currently, the track is available on all streaming platforms. Be sure to catch more enlightening tracks from Keybone as he continues to climb his way to the top. 











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