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    “There’s Plenty More Dick Where That Came From”

    2018 wasn’t exactly the best year for Nicki on a career level. However, she did have plenty to smile about in her personal life.

    Despite being an elite emcee, it seems as though Nicki Minaj and boyfriend “Kenneth Petty”, was the most hated couple in 2018. After it was rumored that Nicki went from Meek Mill to Nas, and even Eminem, many people started looking at the young money rapper funny. It seemed like Nicki decided to let her career take a back seat for plenty of sex and foreplay. One way or another the “Queen” managed to stay in the news over her sexcapades.

    The rapper started sharing steamy sex scenes on Instagram between her and the mysterious man of the hour. It was only a matter of time before information started pouring in regarding Mr. Petty. Despite negative comments, the rapper simply didn’t care. We were left to believe that Damn Nicki that dick must be good.


    Regardless of all the drama, Nicki has not slowed down, and still post plenty of pictures of the couple. It leaves us to believe that Nicki Minaj might as well release the porn tape. Just a few days about we believed that Nicki Minaj got enough dick with her fifth album on the way. It seems like Nicki plans to have plenty more sexual moments with Mr. Petty.

    Do you think that her relationship will last? Does Meek have a chance to get back with her? Make sure to leave your comments below and stay tuned to for more breaking news and gossip!


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