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    Nicki Minaj Out The Rear View…Has Meek Moved On??

    Since the mid-2000’s Meek Mill began his journey transcending to stardom as one of the hottest rappers to bless the mic!

    For nearly over a decade Meek has been holding Philly down, representing on all fronts regarding what Philly is about. Throughout those times he has faced up and downs which included fall out with friends and even jail time.

    One thing that Meek has stayed true to was himself, regarding getting money and being around some bad bitches. Things started getting ugly some years back when Nicki left Meek side all in the midst of preparing for some serious jail time. When Meek first bagged her, the City was proud that he pulled the hottest chick in the game!!!

    Now more than ever the Philly native is focused, using the injustice placed against him to show that the system is broken. Also about how young men growing up in the ghetto has to want more for themselves. In addition, Meek plans to drop a new album later this month.

    Most recently there was speculation that the rapper and Kash Doll might have something going on. Quickly the female artist cleared up that nothing was going on between the two. In a recent Instagram post, it reflected that good ole Meek might have another solid trophy to show off.

    Not sure if it’s his girlfriend, or merely a colleague but we’ll keep this on the radar.

    Stay tuned to for the latest in culture and music news.

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