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Nicki Minaj Got Enough Dick… Fifth Album On The Way?

Nicki Minaj is back right in time to stir the pot for some drama.

Last year the New York rapper faced alot of scrutiny from her personal decisions. For maybe the first time in her career, Nicki was seen as the ultimate villain in the music industry. 2018 seemed as though it was a year of uncertainty for regarding what Nicki was looking to accomplish.

One of the biggest backlashes came after she decided to go to war with the “Bodak Yellow” rapper Cardi B. It almost seemed natural for the two to become disgruntled with one another because of competitive nature. It got to the point where Maury offered his services to settle Nicki and Cardi B’s beef.

Perhaps the biggest break for Nicki in 2018, was dropping her fourth studio album. Nicki made sure to stir up the pot with the release of “Queen”. On one particular song, she came at several rappers including Quavo, Drake, Meek. Overall, Minaj managed to draw the buzz she needed for her album.

After her album started to die down it seemed as though Nicki wanted to entertain us in a different way. That new interest came at the expense of her love life. Towards the end of the year, the young money rapper shared her love life openly.  Several pictures and videos were released flaunting her sexcapades. It got to the point that Nicki might as well release the porn tape.  Furthermore, the rapper ended up with further backlash from her love life.

Fast-forward and now the “Queen” is back on the music scene to ruffle a few feathers. Most recently she released two freestyles and also confirmed that her fifth studio album is complete. Last week she released a music video for the single “Hard White”.

Are you excited for her new album? What artist would you like to be featured on her fifth album? Leave your comments below, and leave your comments below. Make sure to stay tuned to






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[…] that Nicki Minaj might as well release the porn tape. Just a few days about we believed that Nicki Minaj got enough dick with her fifth album on the way. It seems like Nicki plans to have plenty more sexual moments with Mr. […]

[…] safe to say that Nicki has enough on her plate. Furthermore, we’re already aware that Nicki Minaj got enough dick, and her fifth album is on the way. For a moment we thought that the beef was really over when Cardi B and Nicki Minaj joined pussies […]

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