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    [Update] Nicki Minaj Cooch Closed to Public…Time for Marriage!

    Can you hear them?… Wedding bells are ringing a ding dinging!

    It looks like one of our favorite female rap stars is about to take herself off the market because TMZ got the scoop that Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend just obtained a marriage license. That’s right Nicki Minaj’s marriage might be right around the corner.

    That’s right, the full-grown barbie doll is about to officially become a Mrs. Ken.

    Nicki and her boo, Kenneth Petty tried to look incognito at the Beverly Hills Courthouse in Los Angeles, but their plan failed. The two were easily detected on Monday as they stood to wait in line to get what seems to be a marriage license—which, by the way, is only good for 90 days.

    TMZ reports that witnesses saw the couple standing in line in front of a window that read marriage licenses and ceremony appts. ONLY.”

    As if that isn’t a dead giveaway.

    But hey…when it’s real love, sometimes you just want to scream it from a mountaintop…or, in this case, a crowded courthouse.

    It’s all so unexpected because, after her infamous relationship with rappers Meek Mill and Nas, it almost seemed like her heart would be as icy cold as the jewelry around her neck. But she soon bounced back on the market, which is when she was able to reunite with an old lover—Kenneth.

    Since the reunion, the “Good Form” rapper and her boyfriend have been dating since last year.

    And to be honest, it makes us think about what the rush is to get married, after only dating a short time. Could there be plans to start a family soon? There was this one time when Nicki mentioned how she wanted to have children in five years.



    Nicki Minaj finally announces that she is now married to Kenneth Petty.
    She’d changed her Twitter name to “Mrs. Petty” a couple of months ago. Which was another sign of what was coming! nd now they’ve officially pulled the trigger. Congrats to the couple!
    Thoughts? How do you feel about Nicki Minaj’s possible marriage married to her boyfriend Kenneth Petty? Do you think the two have a shot at forever? Let us know what your thinking by dropping a comment below.

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    Featured Image Credit: Holywood Reporter


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