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    Nicki Minaj Adds Creative Director Role To Her Resume

    Nicki Minaj hasn’t won a Grammy yet but she’s succeeding nonetheless. In fact, she’s gone from a huge rapstar to a fashionista to a savvy business woman in a matter of a few years. Recently, Maxim Magazine selected the female rap star as their new ambassador and Creative Director. Despite wanting to quit the music industry months back, the entertainment industry obviously isn’t ready to say goodbye to Nicki Minaj. 

    The New Face Of Maxim


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    Clearly, someone needs to bring Nicki Minaj her congratulatory flowers after the huge win she just secured. As stated before, Maxim Magazine awarded Minaj the new title of Creative Director. The publication’s sports betting and lifestyle brand MaximBET even hailed the rapper as their newest global ambassador. Furthermore, Minaj’s new roles require her to widen and diversify the brand’s audience. On June 1, Minaj took to Instagram to tell the Barbz of her good fortune and excitement at working with Maxim. “I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of a collaboration,” she said in her post. 

    Looks like Nicki Minaj can add Creative Director to her growing resume. The sky’s the limit for the rap star at this point. 

    Everyone Is Excited About The Collaboration

    Creative Director
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    Furthermore, both Maxim’s Editor-In-Chef and CEO said great things about working with Nicki Minaj. In a press release, CEO of MaximBET Daniel Graetzer noted that because “Minaj has built one of the biggest brands, they believe she can take their lifestyle brand to the next level.” Clearly, the rapper has the juice and everyone wants a sip. 

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