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    Nicki and Kenneth Petty Face A Lawsuit Over Bounty Threats

    Nicki Minaj and Kenneth PettyNicki Minaj is always the hot topic at least twice a year, and it get juicier and juicer. Stories are hitting the headlines that Nicki and her husband Kenneth Petty are threatening his alleged rape victim.

    The modern Bonnie & Clyde duo called it official in 2018, publicly announcing their newfound love to fans. Fans, enthralled for the bodacious lyricist until they did a little research on her new lover.

    Who is Kenneth Petty?

    New beau, Kenneth Petty(nicknamed Zoo) born on April 7, 1972 falls under the star sign Aries.

    “Zoo” works in the music industry.

    Kenneth’s Criminal Endeavors

    Nonetheless, Nicki’s hubby has a few skeletons in his closet, as we all do; however, his secrets have come out.

    According to The Sun, in 1995, Petty was charged with first-degree attempted rape of a then 16-year-old made at knifepoint.

    Petty served four years for the conviction.

    Fast forward to 2006, Petty served a seven year sentence after pleading guilty of first-degree manslaughter. He released in 2013.

    The couple moved to California after eloping October 2019. Nonetheless, Petty was arrested for the third time after failing to register as a sex offender in California.

    Kenneth initially plead not guilty, releasing on a $100,000 bond. He later recanted and changed his plea to guilty on September 9, 2021.

    His sentencing will be held in January of 2022. He faces up to 10 years in jail and indefinite supervised release.

    Petty’s Victim Speaks Up and Out

    Petty’s accuser, Jennifer Hough speaks out for the first time in the public eye. According to Black Enterprise, Hough appeared on The Real to speak out against threats sent by the couple.

    She claims that an associate of the couple showed up at her home and offered her $20,000 to get the charges removed.

    After denying the plight, the associate in turn threatened Hough saying the $20,000 would be used to “put on her head”.

    Last month, Hough filed a lawsuit against the couple for intimidation.

    Nicki remains silent on social media amid post interview reactions.


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