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Nick Foles Gets Paid 1 Million Dollars After Sunday Win

Nick Foles has gotten a nice bonus of one million dollars after the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Bears this past Sunday.

It looks like winning does have its bonus, literally in this case. Nick Foles has finally had his million dollar bonus! Foles was supposed to be paid his bonus last year. However, due to his injury, he did not make his quota for snaps to get it, according to hotnewhiphop.

Though the easy solution might be just to write him a check for the among, NFL contracts are very tricky. Foles’ contract, in particular, states that he must have a certain number of games played and times snapping the ball, before he can get his bonus. The Eagles decided to put Foles in the game so that he can get his money. Foles got his time in the game which allowed him to get his bonus. However, because of his performance, that allowed the Eagles to win the wildcard, Foles has received a second bonus on one million dollars. When you do right, right comes back to you.

Good Luck to the Eagles from Hypefresh!!

What do you think of Foles’ bonuses? Drop a comment with your thoughts, and keep it locked on Hypefresh for more sports news.

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