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    Nick Cannon Wanted To F*ck Up Eminem After Mariah Carey Diss Track!

    Nick Cannon was not playing games when it came down to Mariah Carey!

    Nick Cannon is known to have a good image, but when Eminem made that Mariah Carey Diss Track… Let’s just say things were going to go left real quick!

    In a new interview, Nick Cannon reminisced over being angry about the track Eminem made about his Mariah a few years back.

    This song was reportedly called “Bagpipes From Baghdad.”

    Eminem asked in the diss track, “Mariah whatever happened to us/Why did we ever have to break up?” He also said in the song that he wanted her back and told Cannon to “back the f— up.”
    Mariah Carey denied even ever having a relationship with Eminem.
    Nick Cannon was just not here for the disrespect. Subsequently, he explained during the show that he wrote Eminem a letter, and even reached out to his managers to meet up with the rapper to address the situation.

    “He didn’t wanna battle me, it could have went down. I was like, whatever he wanna do, I’m with it,” said Cannon. “You in a situation, we was flying back on a jet from Africa somewhere and this mother f–ker drop a song talking shit, calling her all kind of bitches and hoes. I’m like, this is my wife, this my new wife.”

    He went on to say,

    “I wrote a letter first — I don’t even know if Twitter had came out yet — I wrote this long ass letter saying I respect you as an artist, I’m actually a fan, I think you are one of the best to ever do it, but from man to man, you talking out of pocket to my wife,” continued Nick. “You gotta be held accountable for that. I need to see you face to face. Face to face, let’s get to it. Whatever happens face to face, happens.”

    “I was like, look, if you wanna get on the phone, if I gotta go to Detroit. You done disrespected my wife. I gotta show my wife I’m a man, number one. And two, he said my name. I said, ‘I know I’m not going to be able to out rap you, but I will whoop your ass.’”

    Also, Nick Cannon said “He still in my top 5. You just gotta be held accountable,” added Cannon. “If you say something, we need to have a conversation like men. [Eminem] was talking and running. He apologized. He did apologize though.”

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    Featured Image Credit: Rap-Up

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