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    Nick Cannon Is Back In The Hospital Again: “I Guess I’m Not Superman”

    Nick Cannon may be a world-famous rapper and tv personality, but he’s not Superman. Recently, the father of 11 shared some bad news with fans this weekend. Unfortunately, the star found himself back in the hospital bed after suffering from a severe case pneumonia. Despite his latest hospitalization, the star remains in high spirits.

                He Knows He’s Not Superman

    With their busy work schedules, celebrities must manage their time accordingly. Being a celebrity is more than just a regular full-time job, it’s a 24-hour gig that doesn’t stop. However, some celebrities like Nick Cannon seem to push themselves past their limits. Recently, the America’s Got Talent host received a rude wake up call, after being hospitalized for developing a case of pneumonia again.

    On December 2, the star took to Instagram to share photos of himself in the hospital bed and wearing a mask. In the captions, the star shared with fans that he’s “not Superman.” Cannon went on to say that he regrets breaking a promise to himself to never go past his limits. Hopefully, the star takes things easy. No one can be everywhere at one time.

                Nick Cannon Is Doing Fine

    Though, Cannon didn’t spend time focusing on the negative. Instead, the entertainment mogul looked to the positives and assured fans that he’ll pull through for them. The star may be a lot of things, but he’s a strong individual.

    Moreover, Cannon has been suffering from a rare case of Lupus for the last 10 years. Despite suffering complications from the disease, he always maintains a strong resolve. As the hashtag shows on his latest Instagram post, he’s definitely a Lupus Warrior.


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