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    New York’s Rick Bars Hits Over 1 million Views On New “Cojelo Suave” Single

    New York’s very own Rick Bars has racked up over a million streams on his latest single “Cojelo Suave”. What makes it unique is the fact that it has both a Spanish and English version, allowing Bars to connect directly with his Latin American audience. Rick Bars raps about the promotion of violence in the music business and his disdain for it.

    He has been mentioning this topic very frequently in his music. Some lyrics that support this statement include “Talk about violence just for a deal”. He is directly referencing how many artists perpetuate to be about violence and street life just to get a record deal and or monetary gain.

    His goal is to help all artists understand that you do not need to put on a “thug” or “gangster” personality to make it in the music business. Before the pandemic he was teaching music in a community center where he talked about this same topic.

    Rick Bars wants the youth to know that they can be themselves and accept who they really are. He also made a song called Acceptance with a similar message back in 2018 that hit the YouTube top 100 charts. Lastly he also wants artists to stop “self snitching” and not put themselves in a position where they end up in jail.

    Rick Bars is motivated to carry out his mission as a musician to positively impact his community and other communities around the world. Everything was completely self produced, mixed and mastered by Rick Bars.

    Press play below to stream Rick Bars’ new “Cojelo Suave” single below. He is on his way to the top and promises to keep his foot on the gas.

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