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    New York Singer-Songwriter Shane Rennison Releases New Single Entitled “If The Heart Don’t Want Anymore”

    New York singer-songwriter Shane Rennison delivers a heartwarming track filled with a finetuned moody atmosphere in the form of his latest single, “If The Heart Don’t Want Anymore.”

    Most of us don’t let our hearts go through the healing process before diving right back into another relationship, further damaging ourselves. Here, Shane speaks on that significant issue that’s only sometimes discussed.

    “If The Heart Don’t Want Anymore,” don’t give it more, as the beautiful chorus states. Showcases Shane’s capability to travel intrinsically and skillfully through cross-genres such as soft rock and pop with a dream-like feel that is nicely seasoned by quality arrangements, soft guitars with striking vocals, and melodies that involve the listener very quickly.

    Shane Rennison is a brilliant artist that always incorporates originality, soulful energy, and catchy vibes into everything he does.

    Stream “If The Heart Don’t Want Anymore” on Spotify

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