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    New York Rapper Sonny Gambino: A Rising Star

    Sonny Gambino, also known as Sonny G is a rapper born and raised in New York. His unique sound, and his mafioso like charm, is giving the entertainment industry something new. Hypefresh sat down with the rapper to learn more about his background and current projects.

    1. Hypefresh: Tell us about your new project?

    “ I recently my studio mixtape, “Double Trouble.” I released my first mixtape with the music video, “Live My Life” in late 2020 on YouTube. This release got so much popularity and has been on radio stations and multiple YouTube channels as well. A new release is coming soon. Fortunately, I wanted to bring something more exciting to my fans and audience soon. I am planning to drop a mixtape with a music video in January 2021. The video is going to be all about my life story and how I reached this point in my life.”

    2. Hypefresh: When did you fall in love with music?

    “I grew up a New York-born and bred rapper. When I was little, all I wanted to do was to make and write music. I started in the music field when he was 11 years old. My sister was the one who guided me into this industry.”

    3. Hypefresh: What was your favorite achievement thus far?

    “The best achievement of my life so far was when I hit the stage for the first time to perform with my friend LD.”

    4. Hypefresh: How was life growing up in New York?

    I was bullied most of my life. This is one of the things that allowed me to connect with music. Music was my only way out of that.

    5. Hypefresh: What would your life to say to your fans?

    “I feel like the people who supported me, saw something in me. I am thankful to all of my fans. I am willing to work at any budget and with any artist and it will be given back to many of my supporters and fans.”

    To check out his new music, click here.

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