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    New York Mets Bring Out Special Power for the Dodgers

    The New York Mets have an uphill battle with the Los Angeles Dodgers, however, they’ve pulled out all the stops for the occasion. The Dodgers are the No. 1 team in the American League (AL) and the Mets are No. 2 this season. The Mets have invited Timmy Trumpet to CitiField to play the infamous walkout song, “Narco”, of closing pitcher Edwin Diaz, according to ESPN. Sadly, Mets GM Buck Showalter didn’t play him in the first game where they suffered a loss, 4-3.

    “I hope I come into the game tonight,” Díaz, wearing a shirt with a blue-and-orange “Edwin” pictured above a trumpet, said before the first pitch. “Because he’ll perform for me and the fan base.”

    The musician was born in Australia and mastered the art of playing the trumpet. Hints his artist name, Timmy Trumpet. Last game, Trumpet performed the trumpet version of “ Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and it took the house down at CitiField. This series is crucial to the Mets because this will set the tone for October where they will likely run into the Dodgers at some point. This was Trumpet’s first time attending a major league game. He hopes like many Met fans that he gets to play the song live for Diaz’s entrance. He’s looking forward to Game two.

    “SEE YOU TOMORROW FOR ROUND 2 NYC,” he posted. “We got this!!”

    “It’s actually really cool to be in a stadium where you can hear it echoing around like that. I’ve never been in a stadium this big before,” he said.

    Trumpet’s Significance to New York Mets P Edwin Diaz

    Diaz began using “Narcos” which Trumpet recorded in 2017. At the time, Diaz was playing with the Seattle Mariners and his walk-out song was by Miky Woodz called “ No Hay Limite”. Diaz is 3-1 with a 1.40 ERA, 28 saves, and 99 strikeouts in 51 1/3 innings, per ESPN.

    The atmosphere of Citi Field once they dim the scoreboard and everything goes dark. As Diaz begins to jog the music begins to play and thousands cheer and scream and record this legendary moment. In fact, many bring their own fake trumpets to emulate Timmy Trumpets’ magnificent performance.

    “I think what I like most so far is the fans — the people in the crowd, watching the video of them reacting to the track that Díaz picks is just nuts, they’re wild,” Trumpet said. “It looks like a huge party and that was the intention of this song when we wrote it in the first place. So it’s a huge honor.”



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