Broad Beans
Producer/singer Kai Exos today releases his second single of 2020 and accompanying music video “Broad Beans”. “Broad Beans” was released through VMP Music, an independent label and publisher; the song was co-produced by Kai Exos & Keyel Walker (WS Boogie, Jhené Aiko) and mixed by David Nakaji (BTS, Amine, Kendrick Lamar).
The single and video exclusively premiered on SoulBounce who said, “”Broad Beans” weave[s] a soulful musical tapestry with organ, tambourine and drums as the foundation for Kai to share his nostalgic tale.”
“Broad Beans” is a track that pays homage to his maternal lineage’s — a yearning that undoubtedly resonates with fans and simultaneously transcends culture. The essence of “Broad Beans” is a fine sample of Kai’s broader mission of uniting people across the world.
Kai Exos, who in addition to writing and producing the track, also directed, edited, and produced the music video shares, “There’s a lot to read into the lyrics, but it comes down to loving and supporting our people. I was super inspired by a Cleo Wade piece called ‘rooting for each other’ that was the seed of the concept. Reminds me of so much of my Aunties.”
The video follows the tone of the song weaving together images of urban city life, including kids on bikes, people cooking outside and shots of neighborhood stores. These images perfectly encapsulate the song’s sentimental concepts. The laid back feel succeeds in communicating a day in the life of Kai’s formative years.
Kai’s new album is out on pre-order today and showcases his power to intoxicate us with his refreshing approach to all things musical. Consisting of easy-to-vibe-to grooves in
Sci-Fi, upbeat and carefree We Don’t Care, brutally honest Blessed to fantasy-like Big Dreams, the album provides a snippet of the many ways Kai is able to layer creative melodies with his spectacular voice.


R&B singer-songwriter Kai Exos is releasing his new concept album on May 1, 2020. He previously released two singles and videos beginning with “Komorebi” this February, quickly followed by the brand new “Broad Beans”.
With his soulful debut Telegraph and breakout track “Vigilante,” he launched a career that led to a global tour and fans worldwide — reaching new heights on the self-titled Kai Exos EP. His self-penned “Fire & Brew” and “Hold Out The Light,” clocked 7MM+ global streams alongside a coveted spot on Billboard’s Next Big Sound. Kai Exos entered the US Mainstream Top 40 peaking at #4 cementing Kai Exos as the only indie artist of the year to achieve two consecutively charting singles. Now in 2020, the young producer-singer’s momentum continues as he collaborates with some of his favorite artists and songwriters in LA.
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