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    New to the Block, Blizzboy Lj Bodies his Song “Life into the Streets”

    From the young age of 17, BlizzyBoy Lj knew music was what he was meant to do. Both he and his father share a love for the infamous rapper, Jay-Z. This is where BlizzyBoy’s love for music stems from.

    “ I grew up listening to Jay-z when I was younger. I loved his style, I loved the lyrics, I admired what he embodied,” said Blizzboy Lj.

    From the prime age of 17, he dreamed of the day he would see his name alongside of Jay-Z. The artist is known for his hard work, dedicating himself to making his dream a reality.

    “I can’t wait to see my name in lights, I will do whatever it takes to make that happen.”

    Blizzyboy Lj’s recently dropped his latest track “Life into the Streets.” The song begins with a beautiful guitar instrumental followed by a flashy flow by BlizzyBoy himself. It then transitions into a catchy hook that has both garnered and captivated listeners worldwide.

    As the year 2020 comes to a close and the year 2021 begins, BlizzyBoy Lj is scheduled to make big moves in the music industry. He’s currently working on future projects and if it’s anything like the hits he’s already dropped this year, it will be a year of growth and progression.

    “ I am excited for this upcoming year, and what it has to offer.” I know Covid-19 has left things up in the air, but this is going to be my season!” said Blizzboy LJ.

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