Drake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a songDrake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a song

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    Drake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a songDrake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a song

    New Song: “Redlight” – StaJe

    Los Angeles Most Diverse Artist StaJe Releases Collab Single “Redlight”.

    His effortlessly distinctive golden voice shines bring through the big waves of R&B today. Today the artist has announced multiple releases to come within the next following week but one that we are excited about is “Redlight”. This track shows how versatile the rapper is. From being one of today’s top ghost writers you can sense the artistry through his eloquent lyrics pouring out from his  angelic vocals. From club bangers like “Tipper” to story telling past experiences like “Them Days” we are excited to hear what “Redlight” will bring.

    The upcoming project is a collab with none other than super star actress Elle Loraine from “Insecure” and “boomerang” tv shows. She also is the lead actress for the movie “Bad Hair” which is a comedy thriller releasing in theaters this October. Also in the release will be featuring Watts California’s very own, Goddi who has respect in the inner neighborhoods of Compton and inner-cities of LA. With this trio being in 1 track together there’s so many different flavors that will excite all listeners.


    As the announcement has been made that the project will be featured with a music video coming at the end of May we are left with curiousness and eagerness on the visual concepts. A heart felt but yet sexual tension love song produced by Taylor Made “Redlight” was written under the context of StaJe 1 time experiment with intercourse at a stoplight. He takes us back with the opening liner “I’ve been thinking about this all night”. The story transitions from his point of view to the woman’s point of view as Elle Loraine (Trinity) breaks her silence and gives her perspective in the 3rd person. At the end we get a glimpse of Goddi’s sensual approach to the thought of the subject.


    A native to Columbia, South Carolina StaJe made his name as a ghostwriter for some of our favorite songs we hear today. He first started off in the entertainment industry as a model signed under Aqua Talent in Beverly Hills Ca. While modeling he also played in many featuring roles in commercials like Doritos, HP Computers, and even Buzzfeed. He eventually landed roles in the hit CW TV show “The Originals” for one episode and the the indie film “Bloody Hands”. In 2017 he also hosted for LA Fashion Week. With music always being his focus be released his own first project “Swedish Tuck” which landed massive attention in Europe. The song was big enough to earn his a distribution deal from Stockholm Label Nexius.


    This song proves that StaJe has many talents that deserve recognition. From being a ghost writer, to writing and productions his own releases this is one of the rarest combinations to find in any artist. He also owns his own fashion line and really has a golden iconic voice. He reminded us a lot of the late Micheal Jackson in his hit single “Swedish Tuck”. StaJe has transformed the way I see the total package artist. With respect to his southern wave when he raps to his dynamic vocal range this is the next generation of artist we want to see. Business savvy but also ultra talented.

    What are your guys thoughts?

    Are you excited about the release of “Redlight” and that there’s a visual with the context? What did you think of the song? And what is your favorite song by StaJe?

    Buy/Stream “Redlight” and Pre-Order “Jimmy Choos” releasing May 22nd.


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    Latest Posts

    Drake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a songDrake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a song

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