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    The beginning of the new century has seen many drastic changes to contemporary hip-hop. The globalization of rap music as well as the advent of new subcategories like drill and trap have newer rappers and audiences prioritizing beats and production. Old-school listeners may feel alienated and left behind as they often prefer for rappers to focus on clever lines and personality-fueled delivery. Luckily, some new-school female rappers stay true to these traditional hip-hop values. Check out this list of some of the best contemporary examples.

    1. “F*ck Being Good, I’m A Bad B*tch”

    Megan thee Stallion has staying power as a voice and figure of female empowerment. “Knowin’ nothin’ in life, but I gotta get rich/You could check the throwback pics. I been that b*tch!” Thee Stallion never holds back when it comes to rapping about standing up for herself.

    2. “The Boss of Intercourse”

    Nicki Minaj was one of the first to embody the philosophy and values of the newest wave of the sexual revolution. The rap goddess gives the Notorious B.I.G.’s hypothetical womanizing a run for it’s money by referencing Smalls, “Just Playing” and sampling the same beat. “I’m just playing, but I’m saying/Dreams of f*cking one of these little rappers.”

    3. “Flow Is Like Bam”

    It is a brave thing to take on a contemporary version of a Wu-Tang Clan bop. In fact, Ol’ Dirty Bastard even warns against doing so in the original track “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”. “For you to even touch my skill/You gotta go through one killer bee and he aim for the kill now!” These new cats still spit it perfectly.

    4. “Better Handle It”

    Those who think vulgarity in music started with contemporary songs like “WAP” are probably misremembering history. DJ Jimi rapped back in ’92, “ain’t no p*ssy like big wet p*ssy ’cause a dry, tight p*ssy ain’t sh*t!” City Girls and Cardi B continue the instiution of ratchet rap with this more modern hip-hop tune.

    Which new school female rapper slayed the old school samples?



    1. Wow, just wow, that last video….
      I am speechless.
      To think that our elders thought Elvis’s gyrations were offensive!
      LOL, dig ’em up and let ’em watch these videos!

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