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    New Palace Skateboards Clothing Line Drop Tomorrow

    New Palace Drop Friday, May 29th

    Palace Skateboards has had a few recent releases including the Summer 2020 drop as well as new the Palace x Adidas Lucas Puig shoe. Give this other a read HypeFresh article for a review of the Palace x Adidas Lucas Puig collaboration. It seems that the brand is keeping up with the trend of new content. There will be a online Palace drop tomorrow on their website (May 29th).

    The times for the drop are at 11 AM BST, 11 AM EDT, and 8 AM PDT‬
. There will also be a online relase in Japan on Mayh 30th at 11 AM JST.

    What to Expect

    Overall Palace is a great brand. The vibe they bring is pretty on point and funny. The apparel they sell is pretty fresh, but unfortuantely can be pricey. Sadly, that’s just how it goes with streetwear sometimes. Even though the clothing isn’t too cheap it can definitely be worth buying at times. The below tweet shows some of the clothing that will be in the new release.

    Not to take anything away from Palace, but nothing featured above really sparks my interest too much. Most of the above clothing looks a bit bland. I am personally moreso a fan of the content that they have posted on their IG.

    The jersey featured on the left is more so my style. The item featured on the right is a flip-book of filters that depict Jamaal Smith doing a manaul trick. I’m a big fan of anything Jamal Smith related so I can definiteely appreciate that item.

    Jamal Smith Appreciation

    A recent Palce Instagram post mentioned the release of Jamal Smith pro equipment, so whose to tell if other Smith related items will be for sale. This is just a guess but it’s possible a new Jamal Smith deck is dropping, which is never a bad thing. Smith is a hilarious person with a unqiue style on the board. He recently went pro and had this video to accompany the occasion. Check it out below to witness his skills.

    Final Thoughts

    The new Palace Skateboards drop isn’t really my style, but their website features a range of fresh apparel. I’m more so into the vintage vibe when it comes to their clothing, which they definitely have a fair amount of. Hit up their website if you’re bored and looking to treat yourself. Even if you don’t plan on purchasing anything I suggest looking at the captions for their product.

    What do you guys think about the latest Palace drop?

    Are you willing to drop some cash on the newest release? Or are you more interested in anything they’ve previosuly released? What do you think of Jamal’s style? And what are some other brands like Palace that you are a fan of?


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