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    New Orleans Saints RB Alvin Kamara Punches Man in Hotel

    New Orleans Saints RB Alvin Kamara continues to find himself in trouble with the law. Recently, a video surfaced of Kamara punching a man several times during an altercation at the Cromwell Hotel in Las Vegas. While it’s November his altercation took place in early February of this year, according to Tim Daniels for Bleacher Report.

    Kamara’s team claims that the footage does not tell the full story, however, it does tell a story. To the masses, this video surfacing doesn’t appear good whatsoever for the representation of the Saints or the NFL. According to Kamara, the altercation wasn’t started by him, yet, it ended with him. As a result, he was arrested after participating in the NFL Pro Bowl, in fact, he was charged with battery.

    Green filed a civil lawsuit against the Saints star RB Kamara in late October asking for $10 million in damages.

    Details About Alvin Kamara’s Case

    The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released details regarding Kamara’s case. Greene said after speaking with a woman he attempted to enter the elevator with Kamara’s group. He then was restrained by Kamara’s hand saying “not this one”. Meaning, the elevator was crowded and he recommended Greene catch the next elevator because it was tight. However, Greene refused and this led to the later altercation that surfaced on the internet.

    The result of the altercation led to a fracture on the right side of his face along with other head injuries, per Bleacher Report.

    At the moment, ESPN’s reported Jeremy Fowler, will be following this story closely for updates, however, this is an ongoing investigation.


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