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    New Orleans Saints Alvin Kamara Teaches Kid Lesson

    New Orleans Saints RB Alvin Kamara experienced a bit of odd behavior from an individual one would ever suspect. He was attacked by an Alabama high school student via Instagram over the weekend for his performance on his fantasy team, reported Martie Bowser for Yahoo Sports. Nonetheless, as hateful and uncalled for the message was, the high schooler learned a life lesson.

    Kamara has become a fan favorite on and off the field because of his production and personality. On the field, he’s become an asset of his production, therefore, becoming an even more significant asset via fantasy. Kamara had a memorable game in the Saints’ most recent win over Seattle. In fact, he recorded 23 carries for 103 yards and 6 receptions for 91 yards.

    The high schooler, Dane Hawkins, is a student at Hokes Buff High School in Hokes Bluff, Alabama. Naturally, many people are excited when their fantasy team wins, however, Hawkins took it a bit far. He private messaged Kamara on Instagram and expressed his gratitude for the win, just in a distasteful way.

    “Good game N****,” Hawkins messaged Kamara. Naturally, Kamara wasn’t a fan and responded:

    “If I snapshot this and send it to your head coach at Hokes what happens,” he replied.

    Hawkins assumed he wouldn’t see it, however, once he realized Kamara noticed the message he quickly retreated his sentiment.

    “My bad I didn’t think you actually received these. I am a huge fan I have had you every year in fantasy,” Hawkins continued to plead his case but Kamara wasn’t convinced.

    The Bigger Lesson Here from Alvin Kamara

    While Hawkins suffered real-life consequences from his actions, Kamara may have saved this kid’s life going forward. Many believe they’re untouchable because of something they may have gotten away with when they were younger and continue to get away with when they’re older.

    However, Kamara wanted to set a precedent that this behavior is not acceptable nor will it be tolerated. In fact, Hawkins changed his entire Instagram bio as a result.

    There’s a chance he can simply be attempting to save face, however, one thing for certain is that he won’t ever try this again. Athletes are humans just like everyone else and need to be treated as such and this is one step closer in that direction.



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