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    New Orleans Pelicans SG CJ McCollum Shifting Sports Media

    Pelicans CJ McCollum and Sports Media

    The scope of sports media seems to change drastically over the past couple of months. Some noticeable players around the league have taken the opportunity to start their own podcasts and channels to share their voices. Throughout sports media, there’s been an internal struggle between reporters and athletes. Athletes over the years have voiced their opinions about reporters. Many of them believe some reporters’ sole purpose is to antagonize and attempt to put these athletes in controversial positions. As of late, Draymond Green, Matt Barnes, J.J. Reddick, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving all have flourishing networks. What about addling Pelicans CJ McCollum’s voice?

    While some of made their own, others have attempted to join the media and change the scope of the business. Noticeable players that have done so recently are Patrick Beverly, Richard Jefferson, and now Pelicans CJ McCollum, according to ESPN. The New Orleans SG is reported to have signed a multi-platform deal as an NBA analyst. He’s going to make his debut on Thursday evening, game one of the NBA Finals.

    While never playing in the NBA Finals, McCollum can still provide a pretty unique perspective to the game that may resonate with fans. He’s excited about the opportunity and looking forward to changing the scope of sports media.

    “I am excited to bring what I feel is my unique perspective, based on my vast knowledge of the game. I’ve gained during my nine years as a player in the NBA,” McCollum said in a statement. “To have an opportunity to put my journalism background to use on the largest stage with the many talented professionals at ESPN is a dream come true.”

    What Makes CJ McCollum a Good fit for ESPN?

    McCollum is one of the more respected players in the league, while the masses may not give him the credit he deserves the league sure does. Many players have congratulated him and believe this to be his calling going forward post-basketball career. This includes David Roberts, head of ESPN and NBA studio production, who speaks extremely high of McCollum’s potential.

    “CJ is one of the most respected players in the NBA. It’s evident in his role as President of the NBA PA. Furthermore, he’s an extremely talented member of — and leader on — one of the most interesting teams in the league: the New Orleans Pelicans,” said David Roberts, ESPN head of NBA and studio production. “CJ’s commitment to this opportunity, combined with his passion for journalism and sports broadcasting, will be a clear benefit for NBA fans.”


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