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    New Orleans Artist RJAE’s “Like A Ghost” Gives Us Love Song Vibes

    New Orleans artist RJAE might very well be on his way to becoming the next biggest star ever to come out of Never Broke Again’s record label. It’s clear to see that the Atlanta heavy hitter has done well with his new protégé, given that RJAE has received public cosigns from himself and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. Not to mention, the young artist has performed at several music festivals such as Rolling Loud. RJAE even started touring with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie at the ripe age of 16 years old.

    Since that time, he’s released a handful of great tracks such as “Home” featuring Rojay and “In For The Night.” He’s even scored features on songs off of Never Broke Again’s The Compilation Vol. 1 , such as “Tweet Bird.”

    The fans even love the music the New Orleans artist puts out. Currently, he’s already racked up 20 million streams and views. The guy has major star power. In fact, he can make one heck of a breakup love song.

    On June 15, RJAE dropped the music video to his recently released single “Like A Ghost.” On the track, RJAE gets deep and personal about a past lover.

    Not All Breakup Love Songs Suck

    RJAE may have moved around a lot in his life, after having lived in New Orleans, LA and Tennessee. Though, moving from town to town seemingly paid off in the end for the rapper as it heavily influenced his music style. Not to mention, all the years of experience from touring with major rap stars greatly contributed to RJAE’s music career. It’s no wonder that he has a knack for writing love songs that don’t suck.

    His latest track “Like A Ghost” featuring New York rapper Stunna Gambino, makes our hearts bleed for him. Furthermore, the video opens up with the New Orleans artist speeding down a highway with his love interest. The clip switches back and forth between a dark studio with mesmerizing lighting. At some point, RJAE raps alongside Stunna Gambino, with a New York city neighborhood hanging in the backdrop. Visually, there’s a lot to love about the music video.

    Though, RJAE’s verses really steal the show. The rapper bares his soul and innermost feelings to a past lover. RJAE admits that he has problems and doesn’t blame his lover at all for the breakup. Way to take responsibility.

    Sonically, RJAE’s melodies aren’t drowned out by tons of auto tune, which is rare for rappers who attempt to sing and spit bars at the same time. Usually, they’re only successful at the latter of the two. While much of the song follows suit of mainstream rap, he does come off as a refreshing new addition to the ever-growing rap scene.

    Two Artists From Different Cities Equals One Song

    via Good Criticism

    By there being so much divide between West Coast and East Coast artists, it’s a relief to see rappers from different city backgrounds collaborate. Rappers RJAE and Stunna Gambino may have been from several different parts of the U.S., but that didn’t stop them from joining forces on the track “Like A Ghost.” In fact, it’s what brought them together in the first place.

    In the press release, RJAE shared that he’s a big fan of Gambino. Similarly, Gambino noted that the “blending of our New Orleans and New York styles” provided the right combo for the song.

    RJAE isn’t just great at making great breakup love songs. He’s also good with choosing the right people to work with.

    Be sure to catch more music from RJAE.





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