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    New Juice WRLD Song “Righteous” Released

    Juice WRLD Song “Righteous” is a Hit

    A new Juice WRLD song titled “Righteous and an accompanying music video were released this past week. “Righteous” features a melodic and futuristic type beat that Juice WRLD is known for. The lyrics in the song discuss Juice’s struggles with mental health, women, and using drugs to cope with these things.

    Music Video Shows Juice WRLD Living Life

    Along with being a fan of Juice’s latest song to drop, I also enjoy the music video that was released for “Righteous”. The video shows Juice living the life that he was known for. This includes fast cars, guns, and drugs.

    But also includes everday activities like being in the studio, hanging out with his friends, perfoming at concerts, and even just being with his girl. The video even has a cool cut where it switches to an anime-type scene replicating Dragon Ball Z, where Juice literally fights his inner demons.

    The song features some sad topics, but Juice does speak about fighting to overcome his inner demons. Even without knowing Juice WRLD the music video is kind of bittersweet and emotional to view. Scenes of Juice enjoying himself with his girl, friends, and fans are kind of sad knowing that these are in the past. But it is nice to know that he was able to live those good times.

    Final Thoughts

    I personally enjoy this latest track by Juice WRLD as well as the accompanying music video. Just as usual Juice delivers on producing a quality song where he’s brutally honest about his inner demons. Unfortunately, Juice was only 21 years old at the time of his passing in December of 2019.  Even though he was quite young he was able to establish himself as quite the talented artist.

    In just two years he was able to drop three hit albums. His drive to make music was clear. So far in 2020 there have already been a few songs released featuring Juice. Hopefully, that’s not all though.  There have been rumors and reports of there being over 2,000 unreleased tracks by Juice WRLD.

    What do you guys think though?

    Are you a fan of the latest Juice WRLD song? What’d you think of the music video? And what are some of your other favorite songs by him?


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