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    New Jersey Gospel Artist Talasia “Rejoice” Fans’ Soul With Music

    “God has a way of doing things that sometimes he uses certain people to kind of change people’s minds and kind of open them up to a bigger aspect of things.” – Talasia.

    Music has played a vital role for gospel artist Talasia. The New Jersey native thinks back to when it all started watching her mom create her own music. From watching her sing in church to late nights in the studio, Talasia developed a love yet passion for music. Ever since has made a career and lifelong passion out of it.  

    Singing in church choir all Talasia’s childhood sparked the start of her song “Rejoice,” and she is creating music that is unique, inspirational, and fun years later. 

    “When I was younger, ” the recording artist says. “Everybody knew I was a church kid, and it was not really popular to be a church kid back then.”  

    “I found myself in a lot of different debates about why I believe in God. When I decided to actually do my own music. I always wanted a song that I could make from my perspective, like bragging on who I know God to be.” 

    Latest Single Brings New Beginnings 

    Talasia’s powerful melodic vocals released her latest single, “Everybody Gon See,” which embodies the artist inside and out. With a year in the making of the music video, it shows the hard work and, in the words of Talasia, “blood, sweat, and tears. No exaggeration.” 

    Produced by Quinten Showell and Donald “Junebug” Rowell, the single brings together the rejoicing of God and invites the experience of a beautiful song. 

    With the realization of both pleasing people and making music one loves, Talasia has proven her purpose. She remains to be her true self because no one has that power over her. Talasia is breaking down the walls as an artist and keeps striving to make music that is good to the soul. 

    “A real true power when you stay true to yourself, “ the New Jersey native says. “There’s nobody else that has your specific DNA, your specific gift and talent, and that can do it the way that you can do it. And that’s what makes you create a demand for yourself.” 

    Award Shows & More Exclusives Here 

    Talasia has some exciting news, The Avidity Awards that will be held in Memphis, TN. The star is nominated for two categories and went from just performing last year to now being a nominee. The bringing together of gospel music artists, groups, and spiritual leaders of a night full of great music. 

    “One thing that I can say that I love about the process is that it’s fun,” Talasia said. “For me, music is my passion, so it’s not just something. I do not do it for money, I do not do it for fame or anything like that. I do it because I truly love to do it.”

    Plus, exclusively told here with HypeFresh Magazine, Talasia has two new singles coming out this year. 

    Check out the artist on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube


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