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    New Jersey Rapper Cheek The Profit Knows His Worth In “Big Bag”

    A prophet once said, “Money makes the world go around.” Without it, there’s only so much you can do, especially as an artist. For some, money is their only motive for making music. Not letting tunnel vision get the best of him, New Jersey-based rapper, Cheek The Profit has his sights on the bigger picture.

    Chasing capital isn’t Cheek’s primary goal. Instead, he’s more focused on the best music possible. His newest single, “Big Bag”, proves he’s not your average rapper. He has a motivated attitude and is full of wisdom, and doesn’t mind sharing gems in his raps.

    Know Your Worth

    The truth hurts, but in life, you don’t get what you deserve. You get what you have the leverage to negotiate in discussions. That’s what makes Cheek different, he already knows his worth. Refusing to be undervalued, he steps it up every time he releases it, so the market has to keep adjusting. You can tell he took his time because he’s been a year since he dropped. So best believe this single is worth all the hype.

    Being confident is the least of Cheek’s worries in this visual. Because this track is filled to the brim with confidence. Every time he speaks, I feel like I should be taking notes. His bars and conscious thoughts feel liberated and inspire me to want better for myself.

    The Biggest Bag

    Flashy rappers force you to observe their wealth to invoke a reaction. That’s not this video, instead, your focus should be on all the bags that he has. It symbolizes how he’s in his bag, and on a roll. Can’t you tell by the wealthy, Beverly Hills-esque scenery that gives the video an expensive feeling?

    It’s safe to say Cheek The Profit has arrived.  If you’re discussing the best artists out of NJ, your debate is pointless if you didn’t include Cheek, because he’s on some other sh*t this year. Be sure to stream, “Big Bag” below.

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