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    New England Patriots Former 1st-Rounder Signs To Division Rival

    The former New England Patriots’ first-round draft pick has recently signed to a division rival. The Patriots RB Sony Michel played with the Patriots for three seasons; however, he dealt with many injuries that hindered his potential. He signed with the Miami Dolphins, longtime rivals of the Patriots, for $2.1 million, reported Marcel Louis-Jacques for ESPN. After playing three seasons with the New England Patriots he was traded to the Los Angeles Rams. After one season with the Rams, he became a FA and signed with the Dolphins.

    The Miami Dolphins are Threats to the New England Patriots

    This offseason, the Dolphins have been extremely active. They’ve signed Raheem Mostert, Chase Edmonds, and now Michel. Not to mention, having a really young productive RB Myles Gaskin currently on their roster. While many don’t believe in Miami QB Tua Tagovailoa, the amount of firepower they’ve surrounded him with will hopefully help out his lack in production. When teams often have a young QB struggling they attempt to establish a run game. In hope, that this will help assist in the passing game going forward.

    Although he’s been dealing with injuries throughout his career, he’s proven to be a legitimate asset in the RB room. Michel has yet to crack 1,000 yards in his career; however, he’s come dangerously close several times. Possibly, even if Michel has lost a step or two his knowledge in the locker room can prove to be beneficial for the young electrifying RBs Miami possess.

    “We don’t know yet … You create a competitive environment and you let those guys go sort it out because that’s how it’s going to happen,” reported by the Miami Dolphins on media day, May 11. “They’re going to sort it out as to who contributes and where and how and how much. So that’s what you do. You build a group of people – great people – who want to be smart and are committed to what you’re trying to do. You let them go and showcase what they can do.”

    Sony Michel’s History in the League

    In the past season, Michel rushed for 845 yards and scored five touchdowns (four rushing and one receiving). However, he has been rewarded with his second Super Bowl Championship in four years. In his rookie season, he was a premier RB and carried the New England Patriots through the playoffs. The Georgia alum has rushed for 900 or more yards twice, as stated prior, and has yet to rush for 1,000 yards in one season.


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