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    New Batman Game Teased On Twitter

    Warner Bros. Games Montreal posted on Twitter on Thursday morning with an image of a third of a logo. With this, the other two pieces of the logo have been posted on the Facebook and Instagram page of Warner Bros. Games Montreal. This points to being a teaser towards a new Batman game.

    Furthermore, the three images that were posted can be put together to create a full logo. Though this creates a logo, this logo is new to the gaming community and could be one of Batman. With this third piece of the logo, the Warner Bros. Games Montreal Twitter account posted a saying with the piece of the logo. The saying goes “Capture the Knight.”

    In addition to the saying, the character that would best represent the logo and saying is Batman.

    But with the logo and the saying, there are few who believe that this logo could go for a different Arkham character.

    With this logo and saying, there are questions and speculation on what the two could be represented in the Batman and Arkham world. Alternatively, this could be seen as a way to keep people guessing as to what the next Batman game is.

    Though guessing is not what everyone likes, guessing could help bring thought as to what would be new. This could be guessing at what new characters could show up or what new items could be added. Not only does this apply to what could be new in the future Batman game, but could apply to what characters could return or even a reference. One such character could be that of The Joker.

    Subsequently, the gaming community is going to have to keep guessing on what the new Batman game will bring. Who knows what will show up in this future installment of Batman.

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