New Album: “I’m The J57” is impressive and mind blowing

I’m The J57

After a wave of exclusive releases, the Brooklyn bred producer/lyricist, has officially released his debut album, “I’m the J57”, which offers listeners a range of sound-waves that push musical boundaries and spark dialogue about social, cultural and political issues. With 13 tracks, the album features a mix of collaborations, who facilitate the dive into the mind of J57–a unique, rebellious, musical journey that is mentally stimulating.

Tracks like “Burn the Empires”, “Impatient”, “Soarin’ Like Jordan” and “Dreamers” add a classic Hip Hop vibe. Others are genre bending, like VMPWKND” , “Kid Icaru$” and “Night Falls/Idiosyncratic”, which spark social and political debates. “No Future”, challenges personal beliefs while “Legacy” evolves into a deep, mind-blowing, reflective story of aspirations, reaching the top and work ethic, making this album diverse and impressive on all levels.

The message behind the music is what makes this album an exclusive. Absent of sweet nothings and mind numbing lyrics, J57 proves that music can empower and uplift. His lyrocal content and production is superb. Overall, we give the album an 8 out 10!

Art by:

Levi Felder

Mixed & Mastered by:



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