Necessity Sense Previews New Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Necessity Sense Previews New Spring

Following the success of Ne.Sense’s in- house label necessity Sense, the eclectically brilliant label is ready to release its SS17 collection, dubbed “SEVEN SECONDS OF MEMORY.”

When asked about the title of the collection, the designer stated,

“The name of this season’s collection takes inspiration from the interlocking of two unrelated stories — the designer’s family business in the fishing industry and a man named Clive Wearing. Fish only has the capacity for seven seconds of memory. Clive Wearing is a renowned British musicologist, conductor and keyboardist known for his work with the BBC during Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana’s wedding. Similarly, Wearing suffers from retrograde amnesia, which rejects the forming of any new memories or the ability to recall past experiences.”

Fueled by darker color palettes and patterned stripes, oversized layering and cropped silhouettes, the collection will be available at NE.SENSE’s online shop and select retailers worldwide.


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