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    Nef The Pharaoh & ShooterGang Kony Connect With Sage The Gemini On “Vice Versa”

    United by a love of clever bars and breakneck flows, Vallejo’s Nef The Pharaoh and Sacramento’s ShooterGang Kony have a natural and inviting chemistry. Slowing their roll atop skittering hi-hats and gently plinked electric piano, Nef and Kony brag about their winning ways on “Vice Versa,” their latest single, premiered by The 405. Produced by Sage The Gemini, who also contributes a laid-back hook, “Vice Versa” is a lyrical showcase for both rappers, proving that they excel even when outside of their comfort zone of hyperactive slappers. Adopting a “Weezy” flow, Nef creatively name drops celebrities and fellow rappers in his verse: “For the Euros I never side step/I am Salt Bae with the pyrex.” Meanwhile, ShooterGang Kony lives up to his name, bragging about his skill with arms: “I got a jump shot, the cleanest one/Shoot with both hands, slip with gun/Tryna shoot up the after party/I came with hoes, I’m gon leave with one.” Featuring an appearance from Raymond McMahon, brings his soaring melody to the song’s chorus, “Vice Versa” is the title track from the upcoming Vice Versa EP, a six-track collaboration between Nef and Kony. Featuring the raucous video single Ludacris,”  premiered in October by HYPEBEASTVice Versa EP drops on November 9th via KILFMB / Sick Wid It / EMPIRE. 

    Stream the track above and in other music news:


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