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    Need A Wave Check? October 2020 Edition

    Wave Check 2020 – $15 & Under

    Any men looking for a new silky or wave cap? It’s the season to maintain and cover up your head since the weather is getting a little cold. You’ll be ready for a wave check. Here are a few of the best Black-owned durag brands:


    ✅ VELVET PREMIUM QUALITY: At ROYAL WAVES we make every durag of premium fabric (stitching on the OUTSIDE). We offer triple stitch so it won’t rip while doing your hustle. Be careful…you might find a BOOST in your confidence instantly. No more hiding from a wave check. 

    ✅ EXTRA LONG STRAPS: You can double wrap with long and wide velvet straps to make the perfect compression and not hurt when you tie. The straps are long enough to tie behind the head without being too tight to keep the waves fresh.

    Product Review: At first I wasn’t sure what the point of a velvet durag was. But when I tried it for the last three nights, I realized that this product was very helpful for not soaking up whatever treatment, oil or moisturizing products that I had applied to my hair the evening before. It Also prevents products from soaking into my pillow and transferring onto my face, which would cause pimples. I also appreciate that it can enhance the waves on a low ponytail on my 4a/3c hair. I’d love this in bonnet form actually. 


    2. ROYBENS

    ✅ LONG TAILS WIDE STRAP – Our doo-rag is easy to be double wrapped for 360, 540, 720 waves and has GOOD COMPRESSION. Long enough to tie without being too tight for waves, even with a big head and KEEP HAIR MOISTURIZED. It’s Reversible and can be worn two sided.

    ✅ OUTSIDE SEAM QUADRUPLE STITCHING – Helping wavers KEEP HAIRSTYLES and don’t leave forehead marks. Won’t rip. Also excellent for wash and style, NO COLOR BLEED. It will last for years.

    Product Review: Cannot do without; these great for long pillowcase and makes for a very nice restful night’s sleep. Ready for a wave check.

    1. SYHOOD

    ✅What you get: There are 6 pieces men’s silky wave caps. There are many styles to meet your matching needs. Whether it is with a shirt or a vest, you are fashionable.

    ✅ Size: The band edges of these caps are flexible and fit the head circumference of most men. The tightness of the hat depends on the size of the head circumference. Suitable for long hair, short hair, straighten hair and curler hair.

    Product Review: There’s nothing better than a 3-pack of silkies or a 6-pack of wave caps. Protect the waves at all costs!


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