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    NBA YoungBoy Says He Supports Ye 

    These days, Ye has made an enemy out of himself. The rapper has no filter and no sense either. Despite the fact that he’s just about alienated himself from everyone, he still has some people in his corner. 

    Recently, NBA YoungBoy released a new song where he voices his support of Ye. At this point, Ye should count his lucky stars. At least he has someone in his corner. 

    NBA YoungBoy Supports Ye & Has No Regrets

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    Every new rapper has someone they idolize. Furthermore, Ye has many fans that like him despite his social media shenanigans and controversial statements. Honestly, the guy has gone off the rails. Though, he still manages to have a loyal fanbase. Additionally, even a few celebrities still look up to and support him, even while he’s not at his best. 

    Recently, NBA YoungBoy made it clear that he stands by Kanye West no matter what he’s said or done.  Over the weekend, the Atlanta rapper just dropped an eight-minute-long track titled “This Not a Song, This for My Supporters.” Furthermore, in the song, NBA YoungBoy encouraged Ye to hold his ground. 

    “It hurt my heart that Kanye let them people break his soul/ How the f— that go? N—a, stay in yo’ home!/ N—a, hold your ground! You strong!” he raps in the song. One thing is for sure, NBA YoungBoy is definitely a die-hard fan of Ye. 

    Ye Says He’s A Hitler Fan 

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    Moreover, NBA YoungBoy’s song comes on the heels of Ye’s latest antisemitic comments where he shared that he “sees good things about Hitler.” Recently, the rapper sat down with Alex Jones on his InfoWars talk show last week and admitted that he’s a huge supporter of both Jewish people and the Nazis.

    Furthermore, the controversial rapper claimed that Hitler did some good for the world, such as inventing highways and the microphone. During the interview, it becomes clear that Jones is very uncomfortable with the rapper’s commentary. Honestly, anyone with half a brain would be. Making matters worse, Ye argued that we should all love Hitler instead of condemn him. Let’s see if NBA YoungBoy can stand by that statement.  


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