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    NBA Youngboy Now Has 10 Kids To Take Care Of

    When it comes to having a family, most couples shoot for 1 to 4 kids. Some even add a dog or a cat to the mix. Though, some couples opt for having several kids, including celebrities. Elon Musk and Nick Cannon take no shame in fathering several children by different women. Only in Hollywood can that be made possible. Unfortunately, rapper NBA Youngboy has joined the club by welcoming his 10th child into the world. Now he has several kids to take care of.

       NBA Young Welcomes His Second Child With Fiancé

    A while back, NBA Youngboy announced that he’d never “release” during sexual intercourse again. It appears that notion has since gone out the window, after the rapper recently welcomed his second child with fiancé Jazlyn Michelle.

    People Magazine says the couple didn’t reveal the actual date the baby was born. Furthermore, the pair posted sweet photos online of their newborn. Even a few photos feature NBA Youngboy holding and feeding his baby. Unfortunately, the child marks the rappers 10th child. He’ll be paying child support for a long time.

                The Couple Were Expecting Months Ago

    NBA Youngboy
    via Urban Islandz

    While there’s no date available for when the newborn was born, the couple did reveal their pregnancy. Furthermore, the rapper posted a photo of his fiancé’s baby bump and the engagement ring. At that point, NBA Youngboy and Jazlyn Michelle decided to kill two birds with one stone and tell the world of their secret engagement. Hopefully, their marriage lasts for good.



    1. This was so poorly written. Why use “unfortunately” when referring to a baby’s birth?! And then you said it twice! If this is his last child, he won’t be paying child support for the “rest of his life,” he’ll be paying it for the next 18 years. Smh.

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