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    NBA Releases Official Schedule For “Disney Season”

    The NBA finally released the schedule for the upcoming “season” planned for Disney world.

    Basketball fans are one step closer to their dream day as the NBA announced its schedule for its upcoming “Disney” season. No games have been played since March, but despite some controversy, that will soon be over.

    While The TBT basketball tournament will hold the title for a first live sporting event, The NBA is the first major sports league to return. Discussions have been raging the past few weeks as to whether or not the seasons should continue at all.

    Some players voiced concerns over safety issues as the reason why they would be against playing. Other players, though, were more concerned with the effect the NBA resuming may have on the media attention. Being that majority of the NBA is African American, many players felt that it would benefit Black Lives Matter if it didn’t have to compete with basketball for airtime.

    Despite these concerns, the show is going on as usual, with the first game set to tip-off in Orlando on July 30th.

    Players are heading to Orlando, getting prepared for a Disney world lock-in season. The entire sports world is watching as this may become the new norm, especially if states keep seeing increases after opening up. As an NBA fan, this dynamic has to spark some interest. It may not be the basketball that we all know and love, but it’s basketball nonetheless. Additionally, what has made the NBA so special all these years are the storylines they come up with.

    What do you guys think the storyline will be for the NBA season in Disney? Are you excited about the NBA schedule for Disney world?

    Lastly, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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