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    Naya Rivera Could Have Been Our Katniss Everdeen

    The Naya Rivera’s death has shaken us all. Fans, family and friends have taken to publicly mourn the loss of the talented 33-year-old. One of such individuals includes the notable American producer, director and screenwriter Scott Derrickson.

    Derrickson, the Doctor Strange director, recently took to Twitter to honor Rivera. In his tweet, Derrickson reveals his vision of Rivera playing the perfect Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. Derrickson at the time was one of the individuals considered for directing the film.

    Reading the novel by Susanne Collins, the description of Katniss led Derrickson to think of Rivera. Derrickson saw the actress as both an accurate physical reflection as well as having the fierce energy for the role.

    The Hunger Games as we know it went on to be directed by Gary Ross, starring Jennifer Lawrence as the lead role. The film went on to become a great success. Yet we will never know how things could have turned out differently with Rivera being the world’s girl on fire.



    Starring in The Hunger Games for Rivera would have resulted in the movies’ filming during Glee’s run on television. Rivera would have been a part of both a hit television show as well as the 21st highest grossing film franchise of all time. Talk about being in the spotlight.

    Not to mention the significance Rivera’s role as Katniss Everdeen would have played. Instead of Jennifer Lawrence, the strong female character would have been portrayed by an influential woman of color.


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