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    Nathan Ali Is Ready To Prove His Love In “I Wanna Know”

    While Nathan Ali has always been deeply involved in the music industry, he comes from a legendary musical lineage that he only discovered in his early 20’s.

    Having grown up with a single mother and eventually moved to foster care, Nathan decided to look for his father after becoming one himself. Not only did he find out he was one of seven children across North America, but his search led him to discover his father was legendary Motown Funk Brother, Gary Martin

    As if that weren’t enough, his search also unveiled that his great uncle was famed Chicago Blues artist Hubert Sumlin (featured as one of Rolling Stones’ greatest guitarists of all time), who also mentored Gary growing up.

    Now a family man himself, Nathan looks forward to carrying on the torch and continuing on with the family tradition of sharing music with the world, using his story of perseverance to remind others that any dream is possible with passion and purpose.


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