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    Natalie Portman VS Jessica Simpson… mixed signals??

    The publicized “slaying/beef” is over, or as so-far, over the misunderstood commentary pertaining to appropriate messages to women.

    According to Portman, with her posting further clarification of recent, [she] has also been in the public eye as a female in entertainment, like Jessica, from youth.  Apparently, Natalie offended Jessica Simpson, when she remarked Jessica’s Fashion Statement Bikini Pose and Article Boasting Her Virginity, sent mixed signals to herself {Portman} but also to all young women worldwide.

    Jessica posed in a scantily clad two piece claiming “virgin” status, many years ago, which resurfaced under scrutiny.  It could have been honest of a statement enough, however, Natalie Portman took to taking a definitive stance of judgment for Jessica’s “fashion”, which escalated since the time.  Portman has now responded to Jessica Simpson’s social media response of her by issuing a public apology for bringing unnecessary attention (once again)  to the Magazine Spread and the issue of women’s roles.

    What do our HypeFresh Readers think? Is Jessica right defending choices or is Natalie in representing women in the public eye? Please comment below and in other celebrity gossip and culture, visit here! 


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