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    Nashville Singer-Songwriter Jah Frida Released His Newest Single “Hot Skin”

    Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and exceptional genre-blending artist Jah Frida unveils his recent hit single, “Hot Skin.”

    “Hot Skin” displays Frida’s knowledge to master and create refreshing new sounds combined with his genre-blending abilities. He utilizes fine production, using his charming vocals over grooving basslines incorporated with a calm and atmospheric instrumentation that comes together to make a cultivated song that’s enthralling to one’s ears.

    Most artists make one hit song and then take a step back and relax, but Jah Frida is not the kind to create a stunning banger and then go and relax. Instead, he prefers to experiment uninterruptedly with new sounds while accumulating thousands of streams and expanding his fanbase monthly.

    Born and raised in Dallas, Jah Frida has always wanted to make authentic music that puts people in a good mood since he was little. He has continuously been making waves, creating a storm in the music world, letting everyone know that he doesn’t just make music for fun but intends to intoxicate the world with his melodies and refreshing vibes.

    Stream “Hot Skin” on Spotify

    Connect with Jah Frida: Instagram | Facebook | Spotify


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