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NASA Still Can’t Prove That ‘Oumuamua’ Was Not An Alien Probe

Scientists are still struggling to explain why a weird space object by the name of ‘Oumuamua’ changed direction as it moved through our solar system.

NASA has officially admitted that it cannot rule out the possibility that an alien probe was sent to investigate Earth using Oumuamua. Following a video which shows its strange travel patterns, many believe that it’s speeding past the Sun concludes that it was an investigation.

Based on a recent study, the space agency suggested that the cigar-shaped object could be a piece of tech debris. Further, it suggested that “Oumuamua” is a “solar sail discarded by an alien civilization and now tumbling through interstellar space.”

NASA continued:

The leading natural hypothesis for this unexpected deviation is internal gas jets becoming active on the Sun-warmed asteroid – but speculation and further computer simulations are ongoing.Oumuamua will never return, but modern sky monitors are expected to find and track similar interstellar asteroids within the next few years.

What do you all think? Stay tuned as more develops and in other science and culture news:

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