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    Nas Shines in Old-School Glory, Queens’ Pride

    Nas is back to remind true hip-hop heads that old-school rap never went out of style! This is the fourth installment in Hit-Boy and Nas’ series of pandemic projects. Nas spits verse after verse about his place in rap at the moment.

    Mostly, Nas sets himself apart from most other rappers in the game. “When she with me she GloRilla, FNF!” Nas’ new-school references are proof that he is keeping up with the changing times. Of course, he is going to do so with old-school passion and grit! “We been movin’ how you f*** n****s wanna!” Nas assures on track, “30”.

    Beyond his lyricism and jazz-influence, Nas is beloved for his consistency. His longevity is the object of his boasting on “30”. “Goin’ on thirty summers!” The hook is a reference to how long Nas has been going strong in the rap music industry. With all of the rappers’ deaths in the news in recent memory, it makes sense to be proud of such a feat!

    Like the Mets’ inspired “Narco” sample on “Til My Last Breath”, many tracks of the album read simply as a love-letter to Queens and, specifically, to Queensbridge. The track, “Thun”, is a striking example! “Thunderous! (What up thunny-thun-thun?)” “Queens in the house!” Genius reports that due to the regional accent of Queensbridge, the title alone is clue enough to most that Nas is from Queens (and proud of it!)

    What do you think? Do poets like Nas still represent the culture? Do new-school rappers go as hard as the OG’s? Let us know with a comment.




    1. The BEST concert* I ever went to…..
      Love Nas! (especially his collaboration with Damian Marley!)*

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