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    Nas & Kelis: She Keep Doing Dumb Shit Behind His Back

    Nas and Kelis are butting heads over their son.

    The ex-couple have a nine-year-old child named Knight, and Kelis wants to move him out of the country! Apparently, Kelis wants to move Knight to Columbia so he can grow up on a farm, as she and her new husband get their farming on.

    The only issue is that Nas hasn’t had much say.

    According to Nas, Kelis neglects to do her job as a co-parent. He claims that the “Milkshake” singer fails to include him in on the decision making and whereabouts. Just last year, Nas reports that Kelis skipped town with their son, at a time when Knight was supposed to be with him for the holidays.

    TMZ has learned that Kelis is planning on moving to Cartagena, but never filed the proper paperwork, notifying the courts, or Nas, about the travel arrangements.

    Now Nas wants to pursue legal actions. He wants a judge to find Kelis in contempt for violating their child custody agreement.

    Knight is supposedly being homeschooled in Columbia.

    Thoughts? Do you agree with Nas? Should Kelis make major decisions, regarding their son, without the father’s input? Use our comment section to express your thoughts!

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