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    Naomi Osaka Launches Kinlo Skin

    Naomi Osaka Presents Kinlo Skincare

    Naomi Osaka, the tennis champion, activist, fashion designer, and now skincare guru is doing it for the culture. 

    The 23-year-old tennis star’s new brand Kinklo is dedicated towards  those with darker skin complexion. The name Kinklo pays homage to her roots as the words Kin and lo mean glow in Japanese and Creole. 

    Raising Awareness

    In partnership with New Jersey dermatologist Naana Boakye, M.D. and GoDaddy, Osaka is using her stardom to shine a light on skin cancer in the Black community.

    But the tennis star is not just creating a skincare line, like many other celebrities. She is mixing her passion for evoking change with her love for her melanin through the creation of Kinklo

    For me, this project is something that requires more than just being a spokesperson. This is a public health need,” Naomi said. “I used to tell people that I didn’t need to wear sunscreen — but even if you have melanin, you need to take care of your skin, and I am passionate about that.”

    Growing up many of us with melanin believed because of our skin complexion we didn’t need to protect our skin. This myth is so prevalent in the black community, alone. It’s no wonder Osaka wants to use her platform to teach better skincare habits. 

    The new skincare line currently features a SPF 50 sunscreen, protective body spray, and a SPF 40 tinted face lotion. Naomi Osaka also plans on incorporating an eye cream and lip balm in the future.

    So if you’re looking for a skincare line targeted towards that melanin!!, check out Kinklo. There prices range from $6-20.



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