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Naomi Campbell Starves Herself!

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Supermodel Naomi Campbell can go days without eating she says! Is it the model in her, or is it something deeper?

Naomi Campbell says she doesn’t starve herself. But, she does make it a point to not eat on some days. Sound like a problem yet?

Campbell has revealed how she manages to keep in shape. The supermodel made her comments on a recent episode of the ITV show Lorraine.

When asked if it was true that she eats nothing one day a week, Campbell said, laughing, “Could be more than one day.”

“I eat when I feel like it,” she said

According to Daily Mail UK, during her interview, the iconic model admitted she was ’embracing’ turning 50 and ‘can’t wait’ for her birthday celebrations.

Speaking on her diet, Naomi said: “It can be more than one day [that I don’t eat]. I eat when I feel like it. I don’t starve myself.”
“If I want to do a day of just not eating, I do it, and just do water or juice. In the heat sometimes I don’t, I just want to do juice, it’s too hot.”
Campbell had told Oprah Winfrey in 2010 that she tries to go on the Master Lemonade Cleanse 3 times a year.
Beyonce famously underwent the Master Lemonade Cleanse as well in 2006, says E Online.
“The most I’ve ever done it for is 18 days,” she said. “It’s good just to clean out your body once in a while.”
In 2016, she told W Magazine, “We travel and eat so many different things that is important to just drink juice two days a week, once a month or so, to cleanse yourself, rebalance, and clean the blood.”
It is great to keep up with your body! But, do you think Naomi has a bit of an obsession with it?
Leave your comments down below!

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Featured Image Credit: The Independent

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