Listen To Eric Bellinger’s “Treat Yourself” Featuring Wale

Listen To Eric Bellinger’s “Treat Yourself

Eric Bellinger, a singer, songwriter, and producer who is well known for his hit songs, “Let Me Love You” and “Black Beatles”, is returning with his new single, “Treat Yourself”, featuring Wale.

“Treat Yourself” has a trippy beat and just gives off that chill, head bobbing vibe. In no other words to put it, Eric is vastly musically inclined, and vocally talented. The single’s cover art, a lavish house, followed by an out front water fountain and lake with flowers encompassing the entire unit, delivers a very self explanatory message about the song. After hard work, “sometimes you just have to treat yourself”.

As Bellinger expressed to VIBE, he says,

“Treat Yourself” is easily one of my favorite joints on the project. I love all of the songs but this one is special to me because it’s the first time I’m actually being kind of braggadocios on a record. Over the years I’ve had some success and I tend to keep quiet about my personal life especially in the department of material things. I thought it was time to let people know what time it is.

Vocalist Eric Bellinger is expected to release his new album, Term 2, on March 10th, but right now he is just giving his listeners a taste of what to expect! Listen to Eric’s new single above.


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