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    MUSIC: Sun Jun – PBS “Post Breakup Sex” (Official Single)

    With his debut EP, SUN JUN presents 4 genre-breaking avant-garde pop songs crawling with a lot of influences from underground club music.

    He opens the doors of a world where Kanye West hasn’t become Kanye West, but thinks he is Chet Faker in a dark techno club in Bangkok. A world where Drake, heart-broken because of FKA Twigs, retreated on a wild remote island with a Mogwai album only in his iPod.

    Here’s our take on “Post Breakup Sex”: 

    The moment the needle hits the record, instantly – you get the creeps. The hairs on the back of your neck stand at attention… The eerie shrill of cold-stringed violins and mysterious echoes fill the frequency range of your speakers. Followed by a heavy gun shot and rhythm, on cue – to swing the song’s bottom end. Honestly, you’d think you’re at a funeral – no kidding.

    However, the intention of this is purposeful.

    Sun Jun introduces a slow, low-pitched vocal (assuming it’s his own voice, tweaked) crooning the lyrics of this track. There doesn’t seem to be any piece of this record that sounds upbeat and happy. And when the chorus comes along, the tempo steps up a bit, but the overall sound of the record gets more dramatic. As if this record needs more drama.

    But then, a light bulb goes off over your head.

    Is post breakup sex a joyous, happy occasion? Or is it sinister and mundane? And in most cases, PBS usually occurs when the two involved are in “complicated” situations – relationship wise. One may be halfway in a relationship, while the other may be committed or involved. Or even worse – married. Nothing about this is honest and straightforward.

    And this song perfectly depicts this observance. Sun Jun nails the visualization, in an audible sense, like an author to a romance novel. It’s instrumentation allow the listener to walk vicariously through a PBS moment. Yeah, at first thought it may be a thrill. But then again, it’s “thrilling” is cheap and hollow.

    This record is a definite “must hear” for the appreciator of experimental underground pop. Even if it doesn’t become one of your favorites, it’s an experience one must definitely explore in a lifetime. If you do love this song, it will be in a unique sorta way only you can explain to others.

    How many songs can do this?


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