MUSIC: Milo Greene – ‘Heartless’

Milo Greene

Author: Clark Kennedy, @hypefreshmag | HYPEFRESHMAG.COM

One of the coolest parts of this song is focused on the thing most long-term lovers fret most – A dull and stagnating relationship.

What happens when your significant other decides to call you “Heartless” and ponders his/her’s next step in life without you? Do you fight for the relationship (respectfully) or do you just give in and say whatever. Many people would have mixed reactions on the subject, as the thought of breaking up isn’t the easiest thing to do. Especially if true love is involved.

Milo Greene brings forth a serious conscious effort in throwing all cards on the table with this matter. Lyrically pin pointing some of the perils leading up to calling it quits as a relationship slowly falls apart. No one looks happy in this video, mainly because – it’s not a fun subject to talk on.

But somehowMilo Greene manages to pull it off, with style.


With key points such as:“Can only manage when were divided”, “feels like your always misguided” and “talking out loud with nothing new to say”, sounds like the end of the road is coming up pretty soon. However, aren’t these the key indicators to dying relationships? Yes, they are, and its only a matter of time before things start to malfunction.

The instrumental lying underneath these dreaded phrases also help drive home the overall point embodied in the lyrics. Sonically, this record puts you back in the mindset of the 80’s era of Pop, with heavy usage of soft synths and smooth, dreamy pads only a music lover/historian would appreciate. Mixed in with a touch of emotional electric guitar on the hook with layered vocals and “viola” – sounds like a good ol’ fashion heartbreak.

We can’t forget the perfectly orchestrated drum line, which adds somewhat of a heartbeat to a “heart-LESS” situation at hand.

Milo Greene

The visuals assist well in driving the overall message to the listener/viewer. Distorted camera shots bring a sense of disturbia, along with awkard video angles and dull, depressing film colours. Saddening, to say the least… But wait, isn’t that the point?

After listening to this track at least a few times, I understood the point being conveyed, and loved it more and more after each spin. Definitely one for the iPod playlist people.

All in all, this record is HYPEFRESH® approved. In our opinion, a good ol’ classic heartbreaking/heartbroken record, that recollects all the painful relationship memories we all know and HATE. Don’t believe our word? Watch the video, enjoy the music and share your thoughts on what comes to mind when you see it.



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