MUSIC: Maryann Drops Her Newest Single, ‘Love Trap’


“Love Trap” is more than another name for the sexy Electronic R&B or “Bedroomtrap” sound Maryann and SBΛCΞ have been pushing for the past two years. The name also represents the power that love and sex can have over a person, entangling them into a physical and emotional “Trap”.

The visual looks like the song sounds, next Level. Imagine if Maryann took over your airways from Space and that is exactly what the video looks like. Her entrancing, seductive voice mixed with an alienesque caricature, paints a dark and hypnotic picture. The production is bass heavy and grungy, and the verses are laid in a bed of trap hi hats and future synths. The chorus on the other hand is almost a Hip Hop break.

Somehow she paints a picture of something alien that you might just want to be abducted by. This is just another example of why Maryann and SBΛCΞ are a power duo you really need to know about. What’s most unique about their work is the organic and raw perspective you get from them.

The Indie pair is known for making all of the music and videos start to finish, by themselves, sometimes not letting anyone preview the work before the release. The song will be featured on Maryann’s upcoming record “Saturn Returns”. Whether “Love Trap” is your cup of tea or not, you can always expect them to come with something unexpected, and reach across genres with a fresh sound unique unto them.


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